Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad Makeup, Bad Day

Worst fucking day ever. I got no sleep before my first day working at the uni as a Student Partner, I had a shit time applying my eye makeup (the crease colours refused to look the same), I nearly walked face first into a spider web, I saw my lecturer at the train station, and then I fainted at work. I fucking fainted. 

I've never fainted in my life, it was weird as hell. This happened about an hour into my job (probably not even that) and they made me go to the hospital, where I spent 4 hours lying around to eventually have them tell me there was nothing wrong. I'm pissed because about 10 minutes after I fainted I felt absolutely fine, and could've gone back to work. Sure, health should come first but I need that money :|

The crease colour was different, but not as diff as the lighting makes it look here

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion 
  • NYX Cottage Cheese jumbo eyeshadow pencil all over the lid 
  • Silk Naturals Legend all over the lid 
  • NYX Champagne & Caviar palette 
    • Light shimmery brown/taupe in the crease
    • Dark cool brown to deepen the crease 
  • 88 Matte/Original Palette - skintoned highlight 
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon - lower lashline 
  • BYS black liner to tightline
  • Avon Supershock Mascara 

I'm so pissed off, I've had a dozen medical scares and every single time it turns out to be nothing. Seriously, they didnt even tell me if I was dehydrated, had a virus, or anything. So I guess now I have to go around worrying that I could pass out - not exactly something I want to do. The nurse told me she liked my eyeshadow though, which made me smile. This was before the doctor proceeded to gouge me with 4 needles trying to find a vein.

How is it that this is the 2nd time I've used Silk Naturals' Legend in a look, and the second time it's been a fail? It wasn't even the Legend I had a problem with this time though, it was the damn crease colour. I had to remove it and start all over again, and even then it still wasn't right.

Anybody else care to rant about their day?


  1. awww. hope you feel better. tough day!

  2. Oh you poor nugget!! I'm a fainter (I think its something with low blood pressure, you just faint a lot if you get nervous or an adrenaline kick?) so I totally understand. I hate going to the hospital as well...No matter for that!!

    I think your makeup looks great though XD My day has been surprisingly okay...just running errands so far so nothing bad has had a chance to happen!

  3. @Porcelaine thanks :(

    @Lisa Kate I have a cardiac arrhythmia that sometimes makes me get super dizzy if I stand up suddenly (heart is beating with no blood in the chamber, basically) but ugh that is so tame compared to me fainting today.

    Damn, does it get any less scary when fainting is a regular occurrence? It was the most bizarre feeling ever! And I hope your day is a significantly better one than mine XD

  4. I hope you are feeling okay hunnie! Maybe you fainted because you didn't have enough sleep?

    Your eye makeup still looks lovely though...Hey at least you went to the doctors looking pretty!

    My day is pretty much the results from job urg!

  5. Oh noes D: Hopefully it doesn't happen again! Yikes. I'm glad you're ok, though.

    And bad makeup days just seem to make everything worse, haha. But the end result is lovely!!

  6. @bowsnhearts Ugh job hunting is the worst, I got some semi-rude rejection emails this week

    @Julissa If my makeup looks shit, I feel shit D: but thanks!

  7. Sorry your day was crummy!!! Hope you are feeling better!
    I think your make up looks very pretty!!
    Dani M

  8. You FAINTED? Woah, sorry you had such a shitty day :( I really like the orangey colors on you though :)

  9. @Dani M thanks and thanks!

    @Heather it was the epitome of bizarre O_O I didnt actually fall unconscious or anything, but it was like I got really dizzy, woozy, and lost my centre of gravity.

    It's so weird to lose control of your body like that.

    Thanks :D it was the first time I've used an orangey coppery lid colour, I was worried I'd look like I had an eye infection or something.

  10. Woah that was a tough day!
    I've never fainted my whole life either. Must be weird to faint, haha.

    Your eye makeup looks pretty though!

  11. @Fifi thanks :D I cant even articulate what a weird feeling it is. I always wondered what it would be like and it was nothing compared to how it actually was!


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