Monday, February 15, 2010

Furry Tails

Damn, I'm really not having any luck with makeup lately. Yet again, I bring you another look with uneven crease colours! The lid colour also looks disgustingly crunchy, probably because it's a repackaged piece of shit. It only lasted about an hour on me anyway, because I cried it all off later on *whinges*. If you can figure out the title of this post, I will give you non-existent cookies.

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion 
  • Heavenly Naturals Fairytale - used wet on lid 
  • NYX Walnut Bronze in the crease 
  • Urban Decay Twice Baked to deepen the crease 
  • 88 Matte/Original palette skintoned highlight 
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon on the lower lashline 
  • BYS black liner to tightline
  • Avon Supershock mascara 
Peachy blush and NYX megashine lipgloss in Smokey Look were also used.

This is kind of a recreation of a look xsparkage did, but hers is much better. I wasn't really intending to recreate the look, I just had the same lid colour on hand and couldn't think of any other colours to pair it with. 

I feel like I need to change things up, because I pretty much always use the same application technique - lid colour, crease colour, deeper crease colour, crease colour on lower lashline, highlight and maybe inner corner highlight. Anybody got any suggestions on how I can shake shit up? It all looks the saaaaaaaaaame.


  1. I think it has the "crunchy" look just because it's gold. My gold NARS shadow has that weird look too when applied. It's a pretty color, too bad HNB are poopies :(

    You should try using multiple lid colors :D It's the best. And doing an inner lid color makes things more interesting too.

  2. Damn crunchyness. I hate having bad makeup days. :( But it LOOKS really good! :)

    And I always tell myself I'm going to use different techniques and try different shapes..but I end up doing the same thing. Haha. AHHHHH. D:

  3. @Heather That's probably it, I noticed my UD Half Baked and Baked do it too! Though weirdly enough this is actually a green colour =S it does have a gold shimmer to it though

    Thanks for the suggestion, I shall try it out when I'm feeling creative :D

    @Julissa Thanks, my life seems to be one shoddy makeup day after another lately O_O I

    really need to branch out, though I'm not really creative enough to figure out combos and placement.

    I'm fine at actually executing shit, it's just coming up with combos or placement that I fail at D:

  4. I think it looks good! I like how the crease is softer and diffused.

  5. Actually it looks good. Like it was meant to look this way. I try new things all the time. Cut crease, soft crease, different angles etc. Basically whatever you see in my blog is what I do to switch things up a bit. Feel free to steal any techniques/looks from me. :-)

  6. I actually like it!! I don't think it looks crunchy at all, but I totally understand what you mean. That always happens when I foil repackaged crap. I think its the base that they use.

    And now, whats the furry tails?? I must know!!

  7. Wait... furry tails... fairytales? I don't care if I'm wrong... I want cookies god dammit.

    I think it looks great, you have beautiful 'come to bed' eyes btw.

    And at least you bother. I put like a wash of colour over the lid and under the lower lashline, crease colour (nearly always grey) and that's about all I can be bothered with.

  8. @BLIX I'll totes take you up on that offer :D

    @Lisa Kate Or the lack of base, when it comes to HN D:

    @Lipglossing *dingdingding* we have a winner :)

    Thank you! Now I feel like obsessively staring at people like a creeper and being like 'ARE YOU SEDUCED BY ME?'


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