Thursday, March 4, 2010

Green Apples

After doing the Monochromatic Lid/Colourful Crease look for The Quest, I wanted to test out some more bright greens and ended up with this. I've always been a fan of dark greens, but chartreuses and lime greens have always terrified me - outside of wearing them on the nails, that is. So this was a big makeup leap for me. Hopefully soon I'll conquer my fear of hooker blue eyeshadow. ;]

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion 
  • 88 Shimmer Palette 
    • Lime Green - lid 
    • Deep shimmery brown - crease + lower lashline
    • Black - outer V 
  • Silk Naturals Sonic - inner corner
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Bourbon - lower lashline 
  • BYS black liner to tightline 
  • Avon Supershock Mascara on top lashes 
  • Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24Hour mascara on inner and bottom lashes 

I actually curled my lashes after applying mascara and before taking photos, and you can totally tell. It actually looks like I have half decent lashes for once! SN Sonic isn't green like it looks in the photos, I just applied it on top of a bit of the lime green that got on the inner corners. It's a pretty shimmery white that's supposedly a clone of MAC Vanilla Pigment.

Oi Laura/Technopathetic, if you're reading this then this is the lime green look I said I'd post for you :)

I think I'll try a lime/chartreuse lid paired with darker greens sometime soon.


  1. YAY! Awesomeness! Green! And it's sparkly. :D
    It looks so cool, your lashes look really pretty too. I can't curl mine, I'm scared I'll grab my lids lols :P

    I want to get some actual make-up brushes now, when I do wear eyeshadow, I use the little applicator that comes with the shadow. Maybe that's another reason I can't do it right lol

    and lols @ "hooker blue eyeshadow"

  2. I love lime greens, and I've got brown eyes too! I would suggest, if you haven't done this yet, try a turquoise look first, before moving into blues. That's how I worked myself into trying them out, and I think turquoise would look fab on you, judging from your colors.

  3. PS Meant to add in there that this looks perfect on you!

  4. Oh boy do I like this... I might steal this look for school tomorrow, hehehe.

  5. @Crystal S: thank you :3

    @technopathetic: oh god, sponge-tipped applicators are the spawn of SATAN. You're actually much better off using your fingers. I did a post using only my fingers the other day and it was surprisingly decent :O

    But if you do get brushes, try Ecotools :) theyre so soft an amazing

    @Nicole: I'll totally try that, though I have such a hard time figuring out what turquoise is - sometimes people use it to describe a bluey colour, sometimes a greeney one, but then they say blue-green is teal and definitely not turquoise >_>

    @Phyrra: thank you :3

    @Heather: DO ITTTTT and take photos :)

  6. Unreal! I love that green shade against your eye colour, it's a lovely contrast.

  7. Let's see if I can recommend some shades you might have to play with: Urban Decay Flipside is always a winner, I get a ton of compliments about it. UD Matte Electric is a bright turquoise.
    Fyrinnae, I don't know if you've tried them, but they have some really pretty turqoises - Digital Faerie, Bali Mynah and Rebellion. ULTA has a few, Deep Sea comes to mind. Maybe if you don't have those, you'll have something that compares? I bet this would pop against your brown eyes! ;)

  8. This is really pretty. I want to do something like this!

  9. @Stefanie: thanks :)

    @Nicole: I have UD Flipside :D I'll definitely check out the rest!


  10. Ok I did my version of this look yesterday :) Next time I post it'll be in there.

  11. @Madame B Fatale: thanks! I wish I'd been able to capture how truly intense it was


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