Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flash Review: Sleek Curious Palette

(From Monday this week I'm starting my graduate job, so I'll be working full-time and may not initially have much time for blogging. I've scheduled a few swatch posts, looks and quick reviews in the meantime so my blog doesn't become a wasteland!)

I'm not sure whether the Sleek Curious palette is still available, but I figured these swatches may prove useful to someone. I'm sure this palette is still floating around on Ebay (albeit at an inflated price), so you may still be able to get your hands on it. If nothing else, you'll spend a few seconds staring at photos of pretties, and the world will keep spinning. ^__~ Liloo gifted me this palette to participate in her Sleek Saturday series last year and I never got around to swatching it, so here we are!

The first time I opened the Curious palette I thought it was an odd assortment of colours, with the left side of the palette screaming 'beachy summer', and the right side of the palette screaming 'smokey eye'. All these shades have a high shimmer finish, with the exception of the yellow and black. The black has a satin low shimmer finish, but it isn't quite matte. The yellow takes a leaf out of Inglot's book, being a matte littered with small shimmer particles.

With flash 

Left side
Right side

On the top row from left to right, we have a bright shimmery blue, bright matte yellow with sparkle, blackened olive, pinky purple, blackened cranberry and a silver. In my swatches you'll have to keep in mind that all silvers turn blue or green on me, and this one has most definitely turned blue on me. It may not be the case for you, as my skin tone just hates anything remotely grey.

All swatches are done on bare skin with me mushing my finger into the shadow and hoping for the best:

Without flash and looking a little cool-toned 
With flash 

On the bottom row from left to right we have an aqua/turquoise, cornflower blue, light green-based teal, peachy pinky beige (not unlike the left column Eyelid shade in the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette!), a shimmery creamy white and a satin black.

Without flash 
With flash 
With the exception of the near-matte yellow and black, these shadows are just stupidly pigmented, creamy and soft to the touch. From my very limited knowledge of chemistry and ingredients lists, I think these contain mineral oil which would account for the slip. I know that many people choose to avoid products containing mineral oil, so this palette may very well not be for you.

Matte yellows are a very difficult colour for companies to 'get right' and I found I had to work a bit with this one, packing it on the lid and going over it to get even coverage. It can look a little dusty and powdery on me when used over a matte base, so I prefer to use it over a slightly shimmery base like NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese. I find the shimmer in the base gives the yellow a satin texture and smooths it out.

The satin black wasn't impossible to blend, it just took a little longer than the high shimmer shades owing to its texture. I have to be careful with using smokey shades in the crease, because I tend to go crazy and blend them out too much, which leaves my browbone looking muddy and shadow collecting in my stray brow hair follicles (TMI, I know!) This is no exception. It's no worse, but no better either.

I'm gonna try to use this palette a bit for some neutral looks at my new job, but for now here are some looks from last year using ze palette:
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