Monday, January 16, 2012

OMGWTF Jangsara!

Thank you to everybody who tweeted or linked this to me on Facebook!

I started my graduate job today, and had an absolute shocker of a morning getting to my workplace. I was a sweaty nervous smelly pig on the train up, then my connecting bus never came and I feared that I'd make the worst impression by being late on my first day. Fortunately I did get there on time (looking a little worse for wear), and was delighted to check my phone and see a bunch of Facebook notifications and tweets linking me to a post of Jangsara recreating my Ombré Ombré Ombré makeup look!

Jangsara.....recreating my makeup? Is this opposite day? I've followed her blog for ages; she's ridiculously talented and quite possibly the most creative lass in the blogosphere! I can't even express how happy and flattered I am that she'd recreate one of my looks. <3 *flails*

Now go write 8000 comments on all her blog posts about how awesome she is! :D