Sunday, February 26, 2012

de Leon Cosmetics Swatches

Recently I was sent a few bits and pieces to try out from de Leon Cosmetics. I'd previously had a look at the lip products online and loved the Firefly-inspired names, but had no idea that the company was based in Brisbane! That's about an hour from where I live, so I was stoked to find an indie that was not only Aussie, but so close I could probably drive there and pick up the products! (I didn't by the way, that's a little too creepy even for me XD) I was sent an array of lip products to try by the owner Gladys, as well as a few eyeshadows, an eye primer and a mixing medium. Here I've swatched all the shadows and lip products for you.

This isn't going to be a comprehensive review by any means, just a few swatches and thoughts on how the products swatched and wore initially. This post is a little awkward, because all the lip products are titled 'Review Colour 1' or 'Review Colour 2'. They're not samples of products that are listed on the site, so I don't have a whole lot to go by. I don't even know if the product I'm touting as a lip stain is actually marketed as a lip stain!  So I'm just going to describe everything as best I can, and take descriptions from the website where possible.

L - R: Indecent Exposure, Squeaker's Ride, Coal Miner's Daughter, Lipstick Balm, 2 Lipglosses & a Lipstain

Indecent Exposure is described as a 'luminous nude with a golden pink shimmer'. This one is pretty close to my skintone, so it doesn't show up a whole lot in the swatch! I haven't played around with this much so I haven't paid close attention to the shimmer, but it's a pretty pinky beige nude.

Squeaker's Ride is described as a 'deep purple base with a peacock green duochrome'. This one is much more blue than purple to me, though I definitely see the teal peacock-y duochrome.

Coal Miner's Daughter is described as a 'deep blue based black that simply shimmers with multi-coloured sparkle'. To me this is a black with navy blue shimmer, and it's what I wanted Victorian Disco Cosmetics' Revolutionary Ball to be (which is a beautiful colour, but too sheer for my liking).

Left to Right: Indecent Exposure, Squeaker's Ride and Coal Miner's Daughter

The Lipstick Balms are touted as 'an ideal hybrid between the full colour intensity of a lipstick and the moisturising properties of our Lipbalms. The best of both worlds!' This particular shade appears more pink on camera than it does in real life, where it's a muted pinky red with an ever so slight brown undertone. I found this to be more pigmented yet thinner in texure than the Darling Girl Cosmetics balms. This is the shade I wore on Monday in this post, but it photographed inaccurately there as well. 

The website describes the de Leon Lipglosses as 'The best combination of non sticky lipgloss and longlasting pigmented colour. In a moisturising, non scented base.' The shade I received in full size is a rosey reddish pink with a hint of mauve and a light frost. It was opaque, creamy and non-sticky, and the texture allows for it to be rubbed in as a stain or worn more heavily as an opaque gloss. I wore this on Tuesday here

The second gloss I received is a deep blood red when worn heavily, and more of a classic red with the tiniest hint of pink when worn sheerly. This one had a slightly different texture to the first gloss, which I'm guessing is due to the lack of frost. It was tackier and less creamy than the first gloss. I wore this on Wednesday here, though it photographed much more pink-toned. 

I can't find anything like this on the website, but the last lip product I received is basically a lipstain. It's solid in the sample pot, but instantly melts a little on contact. It's not creamy in the least, it spreads just enough to stain the lips and not leave a big splodge. Does that even make sense? Unfortunately it highlighted my dry skin and lip lines due to the lack of moisture. I wore this on Thursday.

I'll report back with full reviews on each product when I've sufficiently tested each one out. Hope the swatches helped! Y'all know how much of a freak I am for lip products, I can tell you that I'm already interested in trying out some of the other shades in the line :D